Granola Stand-Up Pouches & Bar Overwrap

High Barrier Engineered Film Designed to Extend Shelf Life & Preserve Product Integrity

Providing our customers with barrier protection is a key pillar in our packaging portfolio. Our Engineers have worked endlessly to extend product shelf life, to provide excellent barrier flexibility and a Matte OPV that is the best in its class, in registration, finish consistency and finish durability. Our barrier solutions serve to ensure product integrity and consumer satisfaction in the brands we serve.

Film Structure & Benefits

  • High Barrier Packaging Protection with Product Window
  • High Moisture Barrier to Deliver Superior Shelf Life Performance
  • Compatible with Ultra High Definition Printing Technology
  • Super Matte / Paper Coatings – Ultra Matte Appearance Superior to Traditional OPV’s
  • Engineered Barrier Film in White, Clear or Metallized Structures

Key Features & Benefits Unique to InterFlex

  • Optional Pour Spout Feature
  • Exceptional Barrier Protection – Aroma & Flavor Protection for Enhanced Smell & Taste
  • Registered Matte Graphics with the option of Functional and/or Decorative Specialty Coatings – Barrier (SLE), Ultra Matte, Gloss,  & Sensory (Paper Touch)

Product Applications

All Granola Products Including:

  • Stand-Up Pouches
  • Pouches
  • Shaped Pouches
  • Specialty Bags
  • Snack Bar Overwrap
  • Protein Bar Overwrap
Stand Up Pouch