Salty Snacks

Flexible Packaging for Salty Snacks

InterFlex Group develops and manufactures various flexible laminates for use in salty snacks packaging, including chips, pretzels, ready-to-eat popcorn, and other alternative snacks. Our packaging solutions are designed to maximize product freshness and quality, as well as extend shelf life and minimize food waste. We offer various Flexographic printing techniques to deliver a distinct advantage on the store shelf and provide maximum shelf appeal to the consumer. The laminates are available in rollstock as well as various styles of premade pouches.

Features & Benefits

  • Optimal moisture & oxygen barrier properties to preserve product integrity and extend shelf-life
  • Available in metallized & clear to achieve desired look
  • Lane printing available to help control plate costs and allows printing of multiple SKUs to assist in meeting run minimums
  • Easy open and recloseable features for convenience & on-the-go snacking
  • Many options to enhance shelf appeal and consumer engagement
    • Ultra HD printing
    • Registered matte & gloss, paper & soft touch coatings
Salty snacks packaging

Key Features & Benefits Unique to InterFlex

  • Exceptional Field Technical Service
  • Stocking Program ~ Vendor Managed Inventory
  • Compatible with Ultra High Definition Printing Technology

Spec Selection Guide

ProductPlatform StructurePack FormatSeal TypeOtherFill WeightIFG Tech SpecGauge (mil)
Chips, Extruded Products, Ready-to-Eat PopcornOPP/Ink/Adh/Met OPPVFFSFin,
MetallizedSmall C5013z1.6
Pretzels, Tortilla/Corn Chips, Ready-to-Eat PopcornOPP/Ink/Adh/OPPVFFSFin,
Large C5044z2.6
Gluten-Free Pretzels,
Other "Fancy" Chips/Popcorn/Snacks
PET/Ink/Adh/Met PET/Adh/PEVFFS, Premade PouchFinMetallized, Zipper Compatible, High
Metal Bond Strength

Chips, Extruded Products, Ready-to-Eat Popcorn

OPP/Ink/Adh/Met OPP


Fin, Lap


Fill Weight / IFG Tech Spec / Gauge

Small – C5013z – 1.6 mil

Medium – C5155z – 1.9 mil

Large – C5156z – 2.1 mil

X-large – C5025z – 2.3 mil

Pretzels, Tortilla/Corn Chips, Ready-to-Eat Popcorn



Fin, Lap


Fill Weight / IFG Tech Spec / Gauge

Small – C5012z – 1.6 mil

Medium – C5161z – 2.1 mil

Large – C5044z – 2.6 mil

Gluten-Free Pretzels, Other "Fancy" Chips / Popcorn / Snacks

PET/Ink/Adh/Met PET/Adh/PE

VFFS, Premade Pouch


Metallized, Zipper Compatible, High Metal Bond Strength

Fill Weight / IFG Tech Spec / Gauge

Small – C1416c – 2.7 mil

Medium – C1396g – 3.7 mil

Large – C1417k – 4.7 mil

           Flexible Packaging Properties for each Product Category