Gum & Mint Over-Wrap & Specialty Bags

Engineered MRV Coated Barrier Solutions for Superior Aroma & Flavor Protection

InterFlex engineered barrier films provide the ultimate solution for aroma and flavor protection for the confectionery market, specifically beneficial to the mint, gum and candy segments. Our barrier film solutions provide extended shelf-life, excellent bond strength & tear properties and superior aroma & flavor protection.

Film Structure & Benefits

  • Superior Barrier Protection for all mint flavors – flavor blocking & flavor shelf-life
  • Engineered Barrier Films – Clear & Metallized Barrier Laminations
  • Unique Film Structures Engineered for Extended Shelf-life
  • Excellent Bond Strength & Tear Properties

Key Features & Benefits Unique to InterFlex

  • Compatible with Ultra High Definition Printing Technology
  • Exceptional Barrier Protection – Aroma & Flavor Protection for Enhanced Smell & Taste
  • Decorative Specialty Coatings – Barrier (SLE), Matte & Sensory (Paper Touch)
  • Converting Capabilities: Specialty Bags, Pouches, Inno-Lok & Laser Score

Product Applications

All Gum & Mint Packaging Including:

  • Bulk Packaging
  • Over-Wrapping
  • Mulit-Packs Over-Wrap
  • Pouches
  • Shaped Pouches
  • Specialty Bags