InterFlex Group Welcomes Skymark Packaging International to the TOPPAN Family

We are pleased to announce the acquisition of Skymark Packaging International, a highly respected packaging manufacturer based in Scunthorpe who have a clear focus on sustainable and innovative packaging solutions, by our parent company, TOPPAN. This acquisition signifies a major milestone for us, perfectly harmonising with our ongoing commitments to sustainability and cutting-edge technologies.

This acquisition signifies not just a major milestone for InterFlex Group but a strategic alignment that amplifies our ongoing commitments to sustainability and cutting-edge technologies. Beyond fortifying our individual capabilities, the integration of Skymark into the TOPPAN family provides a broader platform that enables synergies to be maximised on a global scale.

What sets this acquisition apart is how it aligns precisely with TOPPAN’s global growth objectives. The union of InterFlex Group and Skymark enhances the value proposition for our customers by integrating a wider range of technologies and services, making us more agile and capable of delivering comprehensive packaging solutions across different markets. Skymark’s expertise in blown and cast extrusion complements InterFlex Group’s strong position in food packaging, thereby enriching our combined portfolio and driving advancements in mono-polymer and paper-based packaging.

Expanding Our Market Reach

Based in Scunthorpe, Skymark has been a leader in the development of speciality blown, flat cast, and embossed PE and PP films. Graham Tilley, Managing Director of InterFlex Group, said:

” Skymark’s capabilities in film manufacturing and merging of their strength in non-food segments such as personal care, hygiene and medical products complement InterFlex Group’s position in food packaging.

The combination of Skymark and InterFlex Group will help drive our sustainable packaging ambitions in mono-polymer and paper-based packaging and bring both further business development and growth.”

This acquisition extends our service offerings and fortifies our presence in the UK, EU, and other markets, enriching our portfolio in the food, converter films, and non-food sectors.

Strengthening Global Synergies

Masahiko Tatewaki, Managing Executive Officer and Head of Global Packaging at TOPPAN, states:

“We are very excited to welcome the talented Skymark team to the TOPPAN Group. TOPPAN acquired InterFlex Group in July 2021 and will start production of GL BARRIER in the Czech Republic at the end of 2024.

This acquisition enables us to maximise synergies in the TOPPAN Group with its global footprint and accelerates expansion of our global packaging business. Skymark’s blown and cast extrusion capabilities also allow us to strengthen vertical integration, our core business strategy.”

John Turner, Founder and Managing Director of Skymark, adds:

“We are thrilled to join the TOPPAN family and align our innovative sustainable packaging solutions with a global leader in the industry. This acquisition marks a significant milestone for Skymark, enabling us to leverage TOPPAN’s extensive resources and technological prowess. We remain deeply committed to our current sectors, within personal care, technical films, hygiene and medical; while also being very excited to accelerate our growth within the food sector through the synergies that this acquisition brings.”