InterFlex Supports NHS’s COVID-19 Facilities

InterFlex Group’s UK factories are ramping up supply of disinfectant wipes packaging for its core medical customers in the effort to provide infection control products to the UK’s National Health Service. IFG’s UK team is responding swiftly to the critical demand as its wipes customers scramble to supply the likes of NHS Nightingale, now the UK’s largest hospital, built in just 9 days in the London Docklands for coronavirus patients.

InterFlex has over 10 years of expertise designing, manufacturing and supplying packaging to the medical and cosmetic wipes industry through a number of demanding environments. However, the current global pandemic is clearly the biggest challenge yet and demand on certain products has spiked by 100% over normal usage.

Graham Tilley, UK Managing Director is leading the effort, “IFG has worked closely with our customers in managing very short lead time requests to secure supply of critical materials to front line services. We are so grateful and proud of our employees who are working to keep supply chains moving so people are safe and fed.”

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